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Jérôme Bouquet

Web professional since 2001.

A short history of JB

Passionate about the audiovisual world, my interest in programming also showed itself very early on (around the age of 10). Seeing the excitement generated by the Internet at the dawn of the 2000s, I decided to join the pioneers of the Web like the pioneers of cinema at the beginning of the 20th Century.

I then built my first PHP/MySQL websites, and faced with the success of game sites, I set out to be a professional web developer and devote myself entirely to ambitious and challenging projects such as online services or high-traffic sites.

Lille aux trésors (Treasure's Lille*)

Euratech, LilleI live in Lille, which is not only the fourth largest French metropolis in France, but also in the heart of the triangle of three major European capitals (Paris, Brussels and London). Indeed, Lille is a city with an impressive dynamism concerning digital technology. I am thinking in particular of the Euratech division (where I did my Drupal training at Eurateach).

Moreover, it is a culturally rich and surprising city ; -)

*Pun between Lille and "L'île", "L'île" means the Island in French (Treasure Island)

About this Website

Please note that the site you are visiting was built with Drupal 8.

The templates in Twig were cut from the Humanum theme that I adapted to work with Bootstrap 3.7 (more precisely Bootswatch Spacelab), transformed with a Sass overlay and for which I added some Jquery features.